Who supports Israel? : World Jewry does not uniformly endorse Israel. In many places, Israel finds its support among conservatives. (Daniel Pipes, September 4, 2003,

In short, Jews – especially the intellectuals among them – do not uniformly support Sharon.

There is, however, another group that does predictably support Israel: conservatives. And, no less predictably, the Left opposes Israel. While there are plenty of exceptions, this pattern has wide validity. Some examples:

A conservative like U.S. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay speaks of the “common destiny of the United States and Israel” and the “heartfelt friendship between the citizens of two democracies at war, bound by the solidarity of freedom.” In contrast, a far-leftist like the writer Kirkpatrick Sale considers the idea of a Jewish state “a mistake” and explicitly proposes the time has come “to ask whether the 50-year-old experiment known as the state of Israel has proven to be a failure and should be abandoned.” […]

This is a new development. Twenty years ago, liberal or conservative outlooks had little bearing on one’s views of Israel or other Middle East issues. During the cold war, Middle Eastern problems stood largely outside the great debate of that era – policy toward the Soviet Union – so views of the Arab-Israeli conflict, Iraq, militant Islam, and other topics were formed in isolation from larger principles.

Today, all that has changed. The Middle East has replaced the Soviet Union as the touchstone of politics and ideology. With increasing clarity, conservatives stand on one side of its issues and liberals on the other.

At the end of the day, Zionism is an assertion that the ancient and distinct culture of the Jews is superior and should be maintained at all costs. That’s not exactly an idea that’s going to appeal to the multi-culti secularist Left.


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