Spy Agencies Told to ‘Bolster the Growth of Democracy’ (DOUGLAS JEHL, 10/27/05, NY Times)

A new strategy document issued Wednesday by the Bush administration ranks efforts to “bolster the growth of democracy” among the three top missions for American intelligence agencies.

John D. Negroponte, the director of national intelligence, said the rankings were intended to align the work of intelligence agencies with the administration’s broader national security goals. The top two “mission objectives” are efforts to counter terrorism and weapons proliferation. […]

Among other things, the strategy says that “collectors, analysts and operators” within the 15 American intelligence agencies should seek to “forge relationships with new and incipient democracies” in order to help “strengthen the rule of law and ward off threats to representative government.” The strategy, published on, is unclassified, and the officials said it was not intended to apply in any way to any covert action that might be undertaken by the United States.

You’d have to fire everyone in the intelligence and diplomatic services get the institutions to reverse courses like this–which is exactly what they should do.

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