UN tells Syria ‘co-operate or else’ over inquiry into Hariri murder (Francis Harris, 01/11/2005, Daily Telegraph)

Syria was formally ordered yesterday to halt its interference with the international inquiry into the murder of a former Lebanese prime minister or face the consequences.

The United Nations Security Council unanimously agreed the ultimatum in a resolution passed by a meeting of foreign ministers in New York.

Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, told the gathering that President Bashar Assad’s regime must change its behaviour over the UN-authorised inquiry into the murder of the Lebanese leader Rafik Hariri.

The Security Council was “putting the government of Syria on notice that our patience has limits”, Mr Straw said. […]

[T]he text was a so-called Chapter Seven resolution, which can be militarily enforced.

If it took ignoring them over Iraq to get them to take their duties to the Lebanese and Syrian people seriously that’s another benefit of the war.

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