Mark Steyn, SteynOnline:

In a unipolar world, the principal threat to America comes not from any other great power but from a rival ideology ­ transnationalism, a philosophy that allows other countries to pass off their weakness as virtue, with profound dangers for them and for the United States. Orrin Judd’s splendid collection of essays provides an excellent guide to what will be the principal challenge to the American idea and to liberal democracy in the years ahead.

Steven Martinovich, Editor of Enter Stage Right:

A forceful hammer blow on the belief that America’s sovereignty and ideals can and should be negotiated away for the utopian dream of world peace through foreign intervention in American policy-making. Orrin Judd’s Redefining Sovereignty is one of those rare examples of an anthology that delivers on what it promises: it thoroughly investigates the danger of transnational progressivism and demands that patriotic Americans take action to defend liberties paid for by generations of sacrifice. Just as importantly, Redefining Sovereignty argues Americans must never forget their noble heritage of working to extend the fruits of liberal democracy to world. Easily one of the finest efforts in the study of American sovereignty.

Peter Berkowitz, Tad and Dianne Taube Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institute

For those who believe that the September 11 attacks marked the emergence of a new era in international affairs, Orrin C. Judd’s timely collection of writings will provide a valuable guide to the increasingly urgent debate between those who wish to promote an international order based on liberal and democratic nation states and those who seek a transnational alternative in which power is increasingly exercised by international organizations. For those who doubt that Sept. 11 marked the emergence of a new era, this book is indispensable.

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