Al-Qaeda goes back to base (Syed Saleem Shahzad, 11/04/05, Asia Times)

Al-Qaeda is in the process of a decisive ideological debate that could see the highly secretive group restructured within a year, with bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, and adopting a more open, centralized, approach.

Two issues lie at the heart of the matter. The first is whether al-Qaeda achieves its aims by “fighting against evil”, or whether it “fights against evil and its allies”, according to contacts familiar with the group who spoke to Asia Times Online.

The second issue involves al-Qaeda’s lack of a physical base, a matter of concern to Islamic scholars, following its retreat from Afghanistan and subsequently being forced out of hideouts along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Even al Qaeda recognizes it has neither a popular nor a physical base yet the Left thinks we’re losing?


  1. I believe that the rabid anti-war movement (that has deep sympathies in most of the “mainstream media”) is in wishful thinking mode. They were able to reconfigure US support of Viet Nam simply by reporting over and over again that the “people” are against the war. Even when polls showed most Americans still supported Nam the whole time, the anti-war left in the 1960s were relentless. They are attempting to repeat that performance.

    Unfortunately for them, we are in an age where info from other sources is readily available. Books on policy (like your forthcoming tome), political radio programs (admittedly these are often filled with too much hyperbole), the internet and even new TV outlets, are reaching people with contrary viewpoint.

    What we really need, though, is a more thorough schooling of our children in civics and US history. Schools are failing miserably with this charge. Most people are not being exposed to what our history has been, what the Constitution means, what the Founders’ philosophies were, etc. much less how the government even WORKS!

    I went to my local high school to donate about 20 Civil War history books and the Librarian told me they do not teach US history before the reconstruction period. This means they aren’t being taught how we became a country, where we changed in the Jacksonian era and how the Civil War remade the USA into the modern nation it became.

    It’s just a crime.

  2. Orrin says:

    Mr. Huston:

    And making them informed republican citizens is the very reason that the public school system exists–it’s not even trying to fulfill its core function.

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