Press Release (Smith & Kraus Global, 11/14/05)

Smith and Kraus Global announces the publication of:

Redefining Sovereignty: Will the citizens of liberal democracies retain the right to determine their own laws and public policies or will they yield these rights to transnational entities in the quest for universal order and justice?

Edited by Orrin C. Judd (Pub Date: FEBRUARY 2006, 520 pages, $29.99, HARDCOVER, ISBN 1-57525-416-6)


2 Responses to SLOW TRAIN COMING:

  1. […] Indeed, America’s wars fit on a simple continuum, from the wars against aboriginals and the Brits to establish our own republic of liberty to the wars against imperialists, Nazis, Communists and now Islamicists to help preserve or establish such republics for others. It is the argument of our book that opposition to our efforts to democratize the world are, therefore, literally un-American. […]

  2. […] An essay by the inestimable Mr. Scruton is included in our forthcoming book as well […]

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