Blair urges EU and US to break world trade logjam (Lisbeth Kirk, 15.11.2005, EU Observer)

To revitalise stalled world trade talks, the EU and the US must make further concessions, Tony Blair has urged ahead of an important world trade summit in Hong Kong next month.

Speaking at the Lord Mayor’s Banquet at the Guildhall in London on Monday evening (14 November) the UK Prime Minister and current head of the EU Council told the US and the EU to move ahead.

Mr Blair picked up on an offer from US President George Bush, who recently in a speech to the UN called for the removal of all agricultural and industrial subsidies, and said the US would do it if other countries did too. […]

Brussels on the other hand insists it has gone as far as it can, given the resistance of some EU members such as France against offering further concessions.

It’s absurd to let vile nations like France and Venezuela hold up a deal, just cut them out of the process.

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