Politics trumps diplomacy in UN reform dispute (Warren Hoge, 11/22/05, The New York Times)

At issue is how management-reform proposals that would broaden the power of the secretary general’s office are being pressed assertively by Bolton and aggravating tensions between the 191-member General Assembly, with its entrenched bureaucracy, and the office of the secretary general.

“It looks like it could be a real train wreck,” said Edward Luck, a professor of international affairs at Columbia University in New York and a former president of the UN Association of the United States. “It’s a basic clash over who’s in charge: Is it the General Assembly or is it the secretary general?”

The clash is being seen in crisis terms in the offices of Secretary General Kofi Annan. “This is serious stuff,” said Mark Malloch Brown, Annan’s chief of staff. “I think in many ways it is setting the outcome of whether the United Nations matters or not in 10 years’ time.” […]

Distrust has deepened in the debate over change because many nations believe that the secretary general’s office has been tacking too close to the United States in its effort to repair relations with Washington that were damaged over the war in Iraq and the scandal-ridden oil-for-food program.

“One gets the impression that other countries are suspicious that the secretary general and his aides are really puppets being manipulated by Washington,” Luck said.

The only chance the UN has to matter in the future is by tacking to our line and joining the fight to make states conform to Anglo-American of democratic legitimacy.


  1. The US needs to begin to look beyond the UN. It is moribund and sclerotic. It needs a headstone, not a headline!

    Europe will be increasingly looking inward over the next few decades as its socialist miasma becomes ever more apparent. We need to strengthen MidEast coalitions with democratic states that can help us assure our energy needs while we reach out to the Pacific Rim nations to counter China.

    The UN will NOT help us in any of these goals as it struggles even to make sense much less stay relevant.

  2. Thanks for the link. that was a good article. Hope it gets traction!

    I never understood how the UN can claim to be a democratic” institution when a large portion of its members are representatives of tyrannies!

  3. Orrin says:

    Here’s another that we include in the book:


  4. Fred Dawes says:

    The political guys want the U.N. dead but not for what you think,
    see world war two and see what will happen to start the third world war. its all
    about power for the few and death of billions of people like you!

  5. Orrin says:

    Germans will try applying Darwinism again?

  6. Me thinks old Fred is being chased by a black helicopter as we speak!

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