US pushes Bosnia leaders into deal after 10 years of ethnic divide (Ian Traynor, November 23, 2005, The Guardian)

Bosnia’s rival leaders agreed yesterday to the biggest shift towards centralising power in their partitioned country since the war ended 10 years ago.

A pact reached in Washington under heavy American pressure aimed to overhaul the creaking constitutional machinery that ended the 42-month war in November 1995, but left the country partitioned and dysfunctional.

At ceremonies in Washington to mark a decade since the Dayton accords ending the war were sealed, leaders of parties representing Bosnian Muslims, Serbs, and Croats, as well as leaders of non-ethnic parties, agreed “to streamline” parliament and the tripartite presidency and “embark on a process of constitutional reform” that will strengthen a national government.

The ambitious US-authored scheme aims to turn Bosnia into a “normal” parliamentary democracy and reduce the role played by ethnic factors.

If the U.S. doesn’t do such things no one does.


  1. […] I’ve written on Bosnia a number of times in the past as well as on multiethnic states and whether they are natural or synthetic. Ten years after the Dayton Accords ended the civil war in Bosnia, they are getting a major and direly needed overhaul. In a nutshell, Dayton created two separate states inside a “fake” state and split the government up between Bosnia’s respective ethnic group. After all, what other country do you know of that has three presidents? Though institutionalizing the ethnic divide helped to give everyone a piece of the pie and end the fighting, it offers no possible future for Bosnia. One could say that Dayton was a “two-state” solution and what we now need is a one-state solution. The process has begun: […]

  2. Fred Dawes says:

    The Game is over inside Europe and all nation states will become musilm and totally
    Enslaved. if the people will not fight evil the people will live and be killed by evil.
    and the same will happen here in the USA, But with mass hispanic movement
    of mexican population ( 45 MILLION IN 15 YEARS And with help from the usa against the will of the people ) into the USA.

    Once more if you will not fight for freedom you will be enslaved
    by evil. WHAT DO YOU WANT?

  3. Orrin says:

    Europe will be a better place Muslim than it is secular. Mexican Christians fit right in here.

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