Corruption’s grip eases in Ukraine: Tax receipts are rising, and the country improved its standing in Transparency International’s annual ratings. (Fred Weir, 11/29/05, The Christian Science Monitor)

Though the economic reforms promised by President Viktor Yushchenko have been slow to arrive, experts say significant numbers of businesses are leaving the shadow economy, more people are paying taxes, and fewer officials are taking bribes.

“There are very strong anti-corruption moods in society right now,” director of the independent Institute of Global Strategy in Kiev. “The revolution was above all a moral event that changed public consciousness. Officials know they must tread carefully in this atmosphere.”

The Berlin-based organization Transparency International [], which annually rates the perception of corruption in 150 countries, this year notched Ukraine up to 113th place from last year’s 122nd, putting it roughly on a par with Vietnam and Zambia.

It’s a perfect description of The End of History: “above all a moral event.” Which is why the Left hates it.

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