UAE to Hold Elections to National Council (Arab News, 2 December 2005)

The United Arab Emirates yesterday announced partial elections to the Federal National Council (FNC). The announcement was made on the eve of the country’s national day and 13 months after the founder of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed ibn Sultan Al-Nahayan, passed away. […]

The move comes amid growing American pressure on Arab countries to adopt democracy. […]

Sheikh Khalifa said the move aimed at allowing wider participation of the citizens of the country in decision-making. “Through a gradual, organized course, we have decided to start activating the role of the FNC through electing half of its members through councils for each emirate and appointing the other half,’’ Sheikh Khalifa said.

“By doing this, we will embark on a march that culminates into more participation and interaction from all the citizen of the country,” he said.

Reality is what we make it.

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