Spanish Officer Held for Catalan Comment (CIARAN GILES, 1/07/06, Associated Press)

Spain’s Defense Ministry ordered the house arrest Saturday of a senior officer who warned that the armed forces might have to intervene if the northeastern region of Catalonia went too far in its efforts toward greater self-government.

The comments by army Lt. Gen. Jose Mena Aguado to fellow officers in a speech Friday in Seville triggered memories of military uprisings and coups in Spain’s past. […]

Mena’s remarks were a direct reference to negotiations for a new charter for the region of Catalonia which have dominated political debate in Spain. The Catalan regional government, based in Barcelona, is demanding far-reaching political and fiscal powers and also to be recognized as a nation.

The Basque region is also seeking to revamp its charter.

It was an excellent 500 year run, but now these states are going to go their own way again.


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