Martin’s secret agenda agent
(Peter Foster, 1/13/06, Financial Post)

Paul Martin’s mentor has an agenda. It’s not secret. He wants the United Nations to have an independent army. With guns. So they might go anywhere they’re needed. Like Canadian cities. In Canada. With guns. Why? Because Paul Martin’s mentor believes that industrial civilization is destroying the planet. He believes people have to change. Or else. He has admitted fantasizing about holding the world’s leaders hostage in order to force such change. He also believes that if a few billion of the world’s population were wiped out, that would be a “ray of hope.” Means we could start again. With people like him in charge. Paul Martin listens to this man. I’m not making this up …

Welcome back Maurice Strong. Just in time for the election. […]

Mr. Martin has accused Stephen Harper of being close to the “ultra-far-right” who allegedly hold such sway in George W. Bush’s United States. But if Mr. Harper is to be condemned for his associations with the U.S. right, and for regarding U.S. conservatives as a “light and inspiration,” what illumination and guidance has Mr. Strong provided for Mr. Martin?

They may be a third-rate nation, but it’ll be nice welcoming Canada back from the transnationalist side.

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