‘Bin Ladenism’: The Pentagon’s vision for the “Long War.” (BRENDAN MINITER, February 14, 2006, Opinion Journal)

The military can’t win the Long War on its own. To defeat bin Ladenism, Americans must use every institution at their disposal–including the State Department and United Nations–to put pressure on those who spread the ideology of terrorism while not being timid in making the hard decisions necessary to confront rogue regimes. Iran cannot be allowed to build nuclear bombs, because it is a terror sponsoring state. Likewise Syria must be compelled to behave like a civilized country. Hamas won the Palestinian elections, but its leaders cannot be accepted by Western countries until they renounce terrorism and their desire to wipe Israel off of the map.

The Quadrennial Defense Review points out that the U.S. now has a window of opportunity to shape the world to bolster American security. Undercutting bin Ladenism now, before it gains the strength that Nazism and communism once had, will be much easier before another superpower (presumably China) emerges. America’s long-term security depends on it.

In reality, the dust-up with Islamicism is just the last skirmish in what has been a Long War and the military doesn’t play the most significant role, simple geopolitical reality does:

[T]he fundamental constitutional problem of

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