What the Indian Giver Got (Pat Buchanan, 3/07/06, Real Clear Politics)

Standing beside Pervez Musharraf, an ally in the war on terror, President Bush explained how he told him Pakistan would not be getting the same aid in developing peaceful nuclear power that Bush had just promised to India:

“I explained that Pakistan and India are different countries with different needs and different histories. So as we proceed forward, our strategy will take in effect those well-known differences.”

Bush was bluntly saying India is a democracy we can trust not to spread nuclear technology, but we’re not sure we trust you. After all, your boy A.Q. Khan was running a Home Depot for A-bomb technology.

Unstated message: We’re not sure any nuke technology we give you, Pervez, will not end up in an al-Qaida madrassa. For there is no guarantee you will be around that long, Pervez, given your enemies have tried to kill you four times and elections are to be held in 2007.

If Musharraf feels he was asked to come through the service entrance and given the bum’s rush, who can blame him?

While even his greatest admirers do not confuse Bush with Bismarck, what the president did on his Asia tour seems inexplicable.

It is inexplicable only if you don’t understand the revolution in sovereignty that has elevated regimes that are democratically legitimate at the expense of those that aren’t.

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