Tehran faces growing Kurdish opposition (James Brandon, April 3, 2006, THE WASHINGTON TIMES)

A little-known organization [The Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan, better known by the local acronym PEJAK or PJAK] based in the mountains of Iraq’s Kurdish north is emerging as a serious threat to the Iranian government, staging cross-border attacks and claiming tens of thousands of supporters among Iran’s 4 million Kurds. […]

But the greater threat to the Tehran regime may come from the group’s underground effort to promote a sense of identity among Iranian Kurds, who make up 7 percent of that country’s population. PEJAK leaders say the effort is spreading quickly among students, intellectuals and businessmen.

“The Iranian government’s plan to create a global Islamic state is destroying our people’s culture and values,” said Akif Zagros, 28, a graduate in Persian literature who was interviewed in a simple stone hut at the group’s headquarters. “So we fight back. But our aim is not just to bring freedom to Kurds, but to liberate all the peoples of Iran.”

If they think of themselves as Kurds then they will be.

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