Divisions Cast Aside in Cry for Darfur: Mall Rally Highlights Growing Concern (Sudarsan Raghavan, May 1, 2006, Washington Post)

Clutching signs that read “Never Again,” thousands of protesters from across religious and political divides descended on the Mall yesterday along with celebrities and politicians to urge President Bush to take stronger measures to end the violence in Sudan’s Darfur region that the United States has labeled genocide.

They wore skullcaps, turbans, headscarves, yarmulkes, baseball hats and bandanas. There were pastors, rabbis, imams, youths from churches and youths from synagogues. They cried out phrases in Arabic and held signs in Hebrew. But on this day, they said, they didn’t come out as Jews or Muslims, Christians or Sikhs, Republicans or Democrats.

They came out as one, they said, to demand that the Bush administration place additional sanctions on Sudan and push harder for a multinational peacekeeping force to be sent to Darfur.

They’re all just Americans and that means advocating a unilateral moralist crusade in some country whose only offense is not having the regime or respect for human rights that we require of them.

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