US in $80m ‘Cuba democracy’ plan (BBC, 7/10/06)

US President George W Bush has approved an $80m (£43m) fund which he says will go towards boosting democracy in Cuba.

Mr Bush said the fund would help the Cuban people in their “transition from repressive control to freedom”.

The fund is part of proposals by a commission analysing US policy towards Cuba after the eventual death of Fidel Castro, who turns 80 next month.

The Cuban government said the plan was an act of aggression, violating Cuba’s sovereignty and international law.

Precisely. States that don’t conform to our standards of liberal democratic protestant capitalism don’t have sovereignty.

One Response to WESTPHAILURE:

  1. John Glueck says:

    Cuba has a dictatorship and has acted in a provocative way toward the USA for years. The
    Bush administration or any other should just remove that rat and annex Cuba, as we
    could have in the time leading up to Castro. We trusted a cock-a-roach and we funded a
    cock-a-roach and we alas have become more like these cock-a-roaches. Same in the case of
    the wicked criminal, Khomeini … now look at what we have in place of the Shah. Our
    arrogance has come home to haunt us. In Castro’s case, we let him live and he now has
    fomented very serious problems in S America.

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