Palestinian PM optimistic about journalists’ release (CNN, 8/27/06)

The Palestinian prime minister said late Saturday that he hopes two Fox journalists kidnapped earlier this month will be released “in the coming hours,” his office said.

The kidnappers have promised Ismail Haniyeh, a member of Hamas who came to power earlier this year, that the journalists will not be hurt, according to Haniyeh’s staff.

“There is progress in the issue of the journalists, and there are promises also that they won’t be harmed,” Haniyeh told the Palestinian news service, Ramattan.

“The interior minister, Said Siyam, is personally following this matter, and we hope it will be resolved in a way befitting us as a resistant and civilized Palestinian people,” he said.

A nice illustration of how Hamas and the PLO have been normalized by the accountability that comes with political power.

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