Republican voters didn’t show up at the polls (John Wildermuth, November 10, 2006, SF Chronicle)

California’s Republican voters stayed home in droves on election day, as preliminary figures show voter turnout falling well below the state average in some of the most reliably GOP parts of the state.

Although the final totals won’t be known for weeks, election day turnout in Fresno, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and SanDiego counties, which all have Republican pluralities, ran as much as 10 percentage points below the state’s 44 percent average turnout.

“The turnout in Republican counties was low compared to the turnout in counties where Democrats hold the edge,” said Patrick Dorinson, a spokesman for the state Republican Party. “The conservative Republican base didn’t show up.”

The Right has no one to blame but itself.



  1. ic says:

    Thus they should keep their mouths shut. And Bush should stop listening to them.

  2. AWW says:

    Arnold won by what 58-42? Imagine the totals if they showed up.
    And perhaps some other GOP candidates would have won.

    Those that sat home had better show up in ’08. Unfortunately
    being a presidential year the Dems will be showing up as well.

  3. Orrin says:

    It’s easy to turn voters out when you’re going to win the presidential. McCain is likely to carry CA.

  4. John Thacker says:

    AWW– the real shame is Tom McClintock losing, yeah.

  5. Raoul Ortega says:

    Yet another proud victory for the Stupid Party!.

  6. Lou Gots says:

    They lost because they stopped throwing red meat to the red meat set. The preppy plutocrats got all kinder and gentler on us, and that’s how they ever lose.

    There’s a long list of things they could have done for us–anti-quota initiatives, right-to-carry interstate reciprocity, religious freedom as a foreign policy objective. They could have forced attention to our issues by advancing our interests and forcing the other side to defend on ground of our choosing. They did nothing

  7. Orrin says:

    yes, it’s that let’s lose on marginal issues rather than win on big ones attitude that demonstrates the Right’s terror of governance.

  8. Lou Gots says:

    Yes, if “fear of governance” is another way of saying, “flim-flam.” Republicans had been winning with a voter coalition. The various elements of the coalition defer to one another within the respective elements areas of greatest interest. CINO’S such as libertines and plutocrats forgot that live babies are the price they had always agreed to pay for economic reform.

    The scope of this error is now beginning to appear to them, as they experience a buyer’s remorse of buyer’s remorse.

  9. Orrin says:

    There are too few libertarians and neocons to matter.

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