Webb May Be Senate Maverick: Newest Member Expected to Take Antiwar Lead (Tim Craig and Michael D. Shear, 11/11/06, Washington Post)

[W]ebb, a former Republican and Reagan administration official, said he might be a bit of a maverick in the Senate, which could frustrate Democratic leaders who poured more than $6 million into his campaign.

“I have my own views, and I have a lot of experiences, and I think I can bring the experiences I had to issues rather than having to read off a party briefing sheet,” Webb said Friday in an interview. […]

Webb, an early opponent of the war in Iraq, might make his mark in the Senate in foreign and military affairs. Current and former politicians said they expect him to become the face of the Democratic Party’s antiwar movement.

“It will make him a very important person,” said former Nebraska senator Bob Kerrey (D), who had urged Webb to run. “If the question is how you structure our military for the future, he is going to come with a lot of knowledge.”

This is a guy who quit the Reagan Administration because it wasn’t wasting enough on the military. Is he really likely to lead the fight to gut Defense, which is the entire source of the deficit and what we always do in peacetime.



  1. Joe says:

    I’ve been telling people all week that it’s a lead-pipe cinch that Webb will do or say something before the end of his first year in the Senate which will send the DU/Kos/MoveOn fringe into frothing paroxysms of apoplexy. The antiwar Left is wildly overgeneralizing from his specific opposition to a particular war.

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