Lott running for whip post (Elana Schor, 11/13/06, The Hill)

After keeping his plans close to the vest since Election Day, Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) formally declared his bid for minority whip on Monday evening.

Lott had refrained from openly discussing his intentions for the whip race even after GOP Conference Chairman Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), who was next in line based on seniority, lost his reelection bid last week. Few on Capitol Hill would second-guess Lott’s prowess at backroom maneuvering, and his silence had given way to questions about whether a new feint was in the works. […]

Frist’s fellow Tennessean, Lamar Alexander (R), has already declared his whip bid and continues to make calls lining up support before Wednesday’s leadership elections.

In retrospect, the GOP could ill afford to have Bill Frist learn on the job.


  1. mc says:

    Especially since he was on his way out of the Senate.

  2. AWW says:

    I’m not sure. Prior to the Thurmond incident the articles on how ineffective Lott were a weekly
    event. And given his penchant for pork and insider tactics he may not be one of the fresh faces
    the GOP is looking for.

  3. Orrin says:

    Fresh faces? Why would they want them? They need someone who can stop legislation in its tracks.

  4. Dave W says:

    How closly could the d’s tie Lott to the so-called “culture or corruption” that they see in the GOP?

  5. Bruno says:

    Wave funding for a few patronage contracts under Lott’s nose and he’d grease the skids for mandating just about anything
    Durbin wants.

    Lott is a skank. If he gains a leadership position, Republicans will lose another 6 seats. Good golly, have we learned nothing?

    Lott embodies the culture of corruption and stupidity, wrapped up in a bow for the Democrats.

  6. Orrin says:

    Stupidity works.

  7. Sandy P says:

    Wasn’t Frist hand=picked by W?

  8. ic says:

    “Fresh faces? Why would they want them? They need someone who can stop legislation in its tracks.

    Stop whose legislation. Lott stopped a lot of Republican legislations that the Dems opposed on their track when he was majority leader.

    Republican stupidity works for Democrats.

  9. ratbert says:

    We need the Bob Dole of 1993/4. But not from any other time.

    Now, if the party really doesn’t like McCain, they should make him Minority Leader. That would stop a lot of things
    right in their tracks.

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