Call Lieberman an Independent Democrat (The Associated Press, 11/13/06)

He was a Democrat who won re-election as an independent, so Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman now says he wants to be called an Independent Democrat.

If that’s not confusing enough, the three-term lawmaker who will caucus with Senate Democrats would not rule out entertaining entreaties from the GOP if he starts to feel uncomfortable among Democrats.

Lieberman was returned to office on Election Day with strong GOP support, running as an independent after he lost the Democratic primary in August to Ned Lamont.

The senator is in line to become chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

The question is whether his ambitions end there. If they do he can stay a Democrat. To go higher he probably needs to switch.


7 Responses to I, JOE:

  1. AWW says:

    I remain firmly convinced that within a few months Lieberman will
    be indistinguishable from any other Dem.
    But I’ll admit his comments on MTP this past weekend at least
    gave some hope he’d help the GOP out some.

  2. erp says:

    What’s higher than a senator? Governor? He’ll never be on any party’s presidential ticket after his last fork-tongued effort with Gore.

  3. Chris Durnell says:

    Lieberman has no further ambitions. His poor showing in 2004 primaries nixed that. And if he wants to be on the Cabinet, he’ll have more pull with a Democratic President than a Republican one.

    OJ has some real insight, but often his prognostications reflect a fantasy wishlist fulfillment, not reality.

  4. Raoul Ortega says:

    Indistinguishable in a few months? What exactly, other than his unwillingness to support “cut and run now”, distinguishes him now? He’s a good Family member, and knows it was all “just business, nothing personal.”

  5. Orrin says:

    A Democrat can’t afford him. McCain can.

  6. curt says:

    Raoul’s right. Joe will be the most popular Dem. in the new Congress.
    His butt will be chapped from all of the oral contact.

  7. curt says:

    There you have it:
    Joe Lieberman’s Democratic colleagues have welcomed him back with open arms, reports the New York Times:

    Everyone was extra-special nice to the wayward Democrat on Tuesday.

    “It was all very warm, lots of hugs, high-fives, that kind of stuff,” said Senator Ken Salazar of Colorado.

    Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon marveled, “One senator after another kept coming up and shaking his hand.”

    And Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas noted, “I gave him a hug and a kiss.”

    Mr. Lieberman received a standing ovation at a caucus luncheon after Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, who is poised to become the majority leader, declared, “We’re all family.”

    (from Taranto)

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