Ex-presidents keep them laughing in New Orleans (AP, 11/12/06)

They’re separated by more than 20 years, they come from opposing political parties, and one evicted the other from the White House. But Bill Clinton and George Bush act like a team, a pair of touring comedians with a well-honed act. […]

One problem with retirement, Bush said, is that memories do not fail on certain topics.

“After 14 years no one forgets if you throw up on the Japanese premier,” he said.

However, he said, years of being badgered by the news media have left him with him a simple philosophy: “Now if I don’t like your questions, the heck with it, then I’m not going to answer them.”

Clinton played second banana after Bush’s round of jokes.

“You’ve just witnessed George Bush’s revenge for the 1992 campaign,” Clinton said of the year he defeated Bush for the presidency. “I’m condemned for the rest of my life to be his straight man.”

Bush can get away with some things more easily, said Clinton, whose presidency was marked by the Monica Lewinsky scandal, noting that if he were to repeat one off-color joke that Bush told, “the New York papers would kill me.”

What’s more, the 60-year-old Clinton told the crowd, Bush, at 82, is in better shape.

“Make no mistake about it,” said Clinton, who has undergone quadruple bypass surgery. “George Bush will speak at my funeral.”

As Brother Francoeur says: “The great thing about this stuff is that it drives the far left and right bonkers. They can’t understand why these two gentlemen don’t hate each other’s guts.”

3 Responses to PRETTY SELECT FRATERNITY (via Bryan Francoeur):

  1. jim hamlen says:

    I wonder if George Sr. sees a bit of 43 in Bill Clinton. Of course, the current president
    moved past his youthful wildness. In most ways, Clinton did not.

  2. Sandy P says:

    This started after Billary had #41 and Babs to the WH for an overnight. They laughed, and laughed and had a wonderful time.

  3. erp says:

    Sandy, Say it isn’t so????

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