The Honeymoon Is Over: After five days of giddiness, Democrats express dismay that their new House leader has thrown herself into the fight to become her Number 2, creating a potentially lose-lose situation where she could either be defeated in her first public contest since the election, or brand herself as a dove. (Mike Allen, 11/13/06, TIME)

As she awaited her new grandchild after her election-night triumph, Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi was lauded as one of the most consequential Democrats in history and treated as a foreign head of state at the White House, where she got the big chair in front of the Oval Office fireplace. But the dour Republicans and worried Democrats have switched places, however momentarily, now that she has unexpectedly injected herself into the bitter race to be her underling, the House Majority Leader. “This is the first time I’ve ever seen a leader insert themselves like this,” said a veteran of many Democratic leadership races. Pelosi’s camp says it’s like a high-school election and won’t be a defining moment for her leadership. […]

“We had a great deal of unity last week and encouraging Murtha to run against Hoyer really threatens to fray that unity at a time when we want to project an image of being strong and together,” said one Democratic aide. “It doesn’t bode well for our first 100 hours. To be a majority party, you have to bring disparate groups together, and she’s been given credit for being very good at that. If she departs from that record or that approach, it’s harder to stay a majority.” […]

Hoyer poses a competing power base to Pelosi, and they have not had warm relations. “She wants to purge the leadership of people who disagree with her,” said a Democratic official with a front-row seat. “It’s about people she can personally control. Hoyer is an excellent public face for the party. She’s more a behind-the-scenes player.”

Nice shot.


  1. jim hamlen says:

    Captain Ed has a post up about how Murtha’s history as an ‘appropriator’ benefitted Pelosi
    in the past. She’s returning favors just like Duke Cunningham.

  2. Raoul Ortega says:

    What’s with this “first 100 hours” [expletive deleted], anyhow? Are we supposed to be impressed at how fast they can jamm through legislation? Do they win some sort of prize if they do? Or is it so they can spend the rest of the session passing out even more of the pork? (And the mushy moderates voted out the GOP because they were too corrupt and profligate spenders…)

  3. erp says:

    Pretty soon the media will realize they’re washing Dems dirty linen in public and stop reporting on their machinations, then we’ll be back to business as usual leftie style. Things will be done is secret (remember Hillary care) and we’ll be told what’s what when it’s a fait accompli.

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