Support for Hizbullah stronger than ever (Jacey Herman, Nov. 14, 2006, THE JERUSALEM POST)

“I love Hizbullah now more than ever,” smiles Mehdi, in what might at first seem a surprising response. “I really love them more. They gave us something we didn’t have. Forget the destruction, they gave us dignity. For fifty years the Arab world suffered defeat, defeat, defeat. This is the first time we are the victors.”

The 33-year-old supermarket owner lost his stall during the war. But he is impressed with Hizbullah for coming to assess the damage and paying him eleven thousand dollars to recover.

“It’s enough money and it makes me very happy. If Hizbullah asks me to go to the streets, of course I’ll go. If we have some demands and the government doesn’t give us what we need, like any country in the world where if you need something and you don’t have it, we will protest.”

It’s a sentiment echoed throughout the Hizbullah stronghold. Support for the organization is now stronger than it has ever been, making it by far the most significant political and military force in Lebanon.

Emboldened by this backing, Hizbullah is demanding at least one third of seats in the country’s cabinet and threatening to go to the streets if the demand is not met. An original deadline for Monday came and went without any disruption, but the rumor is that protests could erupt later in the week. […]

Hizbullah central council member Bilal Naim confirms the organization is following a four-phase plan of reconstruction. First, it helps people who lost their apartments to rent new houses. Every family who falls into this category is paid $10-12,000. Then, it finances the rebuilding of homes and the removal of rubbish from the streets. Lastly, it focuses on reconstruction.

“We have finished the first step and we are trying now to implement the plan for the reconstruction phase, especially in the south,” he says. “We want to work as a coordinator for the people. Every building has an elected representative who liaises between us and the people. We gave every family two choices – to rebuild themselves or to let us do it.”

Naim says that if the political impasse doesn’t give way soon, Hizbullah will move to the streets.

They’re still selling themselves short if they don’t demand either a nation of their own or proportional representation in the governance of Lebanon.


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  1. Rick T says:

    No doubt Hezbollah is going to need a bigger reconstruction budget next time. And there will
    be a next time:


    Since the ceasefire, additional rockets, weapons and military equipment have reached Hezbollah,” said an Israeli intelligence officer. “We assume they now have about 20,000 rockets of all ranges — a bit more than they had before July 12.”

    Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, has confirmed the Israeli estimate. In a recent interview with al-Manar, the Hezbollah television station, he claimed his organisation had restocked its arsenal and now held at least 30,000 rockets, sufficient for five months of war.

    Israeli military intelligence has warned the government that renewed fighting with Hezbollah, which it regards as a terrorist organisation, should be expected as early as next spring.

  2. Chris Durnell says:

    It will do Israel no good unless they have a plan to defeat Hezbollah which means rooting out the individual soldiers and killing Narallah and his inner circle. If all Israel does is bomb a few people, they will not win any respect or generate any fear. The purpose of war is to break the morale of the enemy. Actions that don’t, regardless of physical destruction, serves only to build enemy morale because they survived it.

    Israel squandered the last opportunity Hezbollah gave them. Unless they now understand how they need to wage war, it’s better if they don’t even fight.

  3. Just John says:

    Don’t worry, they won’t sell themselves short. They’ll just take over Lebanon, killing all those who stand in their way. Then they’ll attack Israel again. If they win, that’ll be two nations of their own, so they’ll be twice as content, I guess.

  4. jim hamlen says:

    They aren’t selling themselves short – they’re just pulling defeat from the jaws of
    victory (again), by re-arming and then planning to use the weapons against Jews. If they
    started pointing their weapons north, then they would be serious about running their
    nation. They are not.

  5. Bisaal says:

    More foolishness from “Shias are our Savior”.

  6. Lou Gots says:

    More Loni Guinere proportional representation. What a great idea! We should be all for it: confusion to the enemy!

    That’s the ticket, keep the mob cliques in balance. In this instance we should favor the goofiest faction possible. We want the Mahdi army to dance the Ghost Dance and to charge the Maxims.

  7. oj says:

    not proportiona.l, just representation.

  8. oj says:

    not our saviors, their own

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