DVD: Taggart

The Scottish detective series Taggart is terribly bleak and hard as heck to understand sometimes, but the brusque and solitary eponymous hero, played by Mark McManus, is oddly compelling. No wonder it’s the longest running show in their history.

DISC: William Lee Ellis

Mike Daley recommended this guy, who’s named for Bill Monroe, whose band his dad played in. He’s more of a blues artist and just terrific.

BOOK: The Inscrutable Americans (Anurag Mathur)

America has never seemed more unique than through the eyes of the young Indian who comes here for college in this very funny novel. his first letter home, which opens the story, is available online. The book is something of a publishing phenomenon in India, though relatively unknown here.



  1. Mike Morley says:

    Heard lately:

    – Robert Randolph & the Family Band, “Thrill of It.”

    – Gnarls Barkley, St. Elsewhere

    – Tom Petty, “Saving Grace”

  2. Ted Welter says:

    “Tod Browning’s Freaks” (1932): I had seen this on VHS about 20 years ago; my brother just bought the DVD. Not for everyone, but I think its message (the real “freaks” are those who question the humanity of the “deformed”) is always pertinent, and especially compelling in this movie, in which real-life circus sideshow performers play out the melodrama of a dwarf being played for his money.

    “Television – Under the Marquis Moon” (1977?) The groundbreaking CBGBs art rock band’s masterpiece. In many ways, nothing much new has been done with guitar-driven rock since this record.

    “Old Crow Medicine Show – Eutaw” I guess these guys are regulars on the Prairie Home Companion, but don’t hold that against them. Sort of reminds me of the Kweskin Jug Band from the 60s in their loose and fun interpretations of old-timey string and jug band music.

    “Thank You for Smoking” A funny cynical movie that is worth a netflix or blockbuster rental.

  3. Mike says:

    New “recommends”
    listening to Aaron Neville’s “Bring it on Home – The Soul Classics”
    Fiction reading, Penman’s “Sunne in Splendour” (nonfiction – “Redifining Sovereignty” edited by our host)
    Watching, CBS’s great Sunday night series “Cold Case Files”
    Robert’s “Live at the Wetlands” is his best to date. Ignore his newest, “Colorblind”!

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