Pakistan should crack down on Taliban, UN official says (Abdul Waheed Wafa, January 9, 2007, International Herald Tribune)

Pakistan should do more to restrict the activities of Taliban leaders in and around the border area with Afghanistan in keeping with a UN resolution that considers its leaders to be terrorists, according to the deputy chief of the UN mission in Afghanistan.

The resolution, passed in 1999, listed 142 Taliban leaders as terrorists, but only a handful have been captured or have had their whereabouts established in the last six years, said Chris Alexander, the former Canadian ambassador to Afghanistan and now the deputy director of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, speaking Monday.

The resolution, which has been renewed every year, calls for governments to prevent the entry or transit of the individuals listed and for their assets to be frozen, and requires all states to prevent the direct or indirect supply, sale or transfer of arms or military equipment to those individuals, he noted.

A region that the Pakistani government is incapable of exercising sovereignty over is, by definition, not part of Pakistan.

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