June 9, 2004

In Iraq, don’t cut and run. cut and don’t run (Jonathan Rauch, 6/09/04, Jewish World Review)

In an influential Commentary magazine article in 1979, Jeane Kirkpatrick, a Georgetown University professor (she later became U.N. ambassador in the Reagan administration),


May 8, 2003

Kirkpatrick Was Right (Richard Cohen, May 8, 2003, Washington Post)

At the 1984 Republican National Convention, Jeane Kirkpatrick, then the Reagan administration’s U.N. delegate, gave a speech on foreign policy that has stuck with me. She blasted the Democratic Party’s approach to foreign affairs, repeating the phrase "the blame America first crowd." I hated the speech at the time, but have recently reread it. It has aged better than I have.

Kirkpatrick’s mantra — blame America first — mostly applied to the Cold War and the United States’ attempt to contain and then roll back communism. But the appellation could just as aptly be applied to some of those — note the modifier "some" — who opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and almost everything else the United States has done.

Rather than apologizing every twenty years or so for the damage they’ve done, maybe the Left could try not doing the damage in the first place?